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i'm maki, a 28-year-old stay-at-home mom. my MAKEUP SHAKEUP will deal mainly on beauty but i now have recently spread my wings to encompass other topics. i love discovering how other people live & would love to share a peek into my life too. i love a cozy blogosphere and my co-bloggers are considered my friends.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

cosmetic surgery crazy

here are the list of the things i wanna get done:

1. boob job - just to fix it. either a breast lift or a breast augmentation. mahal nga lang ang breastlift. way more expensive than palakihan ko na lang un kabilang boob ko para magpantay ng size. i dont wanna get a breast reduction surgery naman baka magalaw ang milk ducts ko. gusto ko pa magbreastfeed sa lahat ng magiging anak ko. (as if plan ko pa mag-anak w my 2 girls lol) seriously why not. mahirap na magsisi.

2. blepharoplasty - probably the one i can get done the soonest. cheapest kasi. gusto ko lang patanggal eyebags ko. i think di na kakayanin ng eye cream (or baka wala lang akong patience? malamang)

3. nose job - probably the hardest for me to go through although the one i needed the most. haha. i have a small nose. it's practically nonexistent in my partner's opinion. heller his nose is THERE. in our clan, there is always 1 member of the family who is pango. in my family it's me. my other cousins who are pango kamukha ko tuloy in a way. haha. i dont know if i should have a nose job. it's my identity kasi my nose. on the otherhand, it might improve my looks. i think i may have it when im 40. when i really need an improvement and when im really ready to show the world a new me. right now i just might not be brave enough. baka sarili ko hindi ko makilala. haha.


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