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i'm maki, a 28-year-old stay-at-home mom. my MAKEUP SHAKEUP will deal mainly on beauty but i now have recently spread my wings to encompass other topics. i love discovering how other people live & would love to share a peek into my life too. i love a cozy blogosphere and my co-bloggers are considered my friends.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

just acquired

stila illuminating tinted moisturizer, which retails for Php 1,400 (32USD)
victoria's secret lotion "pure seduction", which sells for 9.50usd but i got for php300 (7usd) from a good friend ara who imported it from canada. and she gave me a free glycolic soap too(yea that's a soap not a cocoa bar you're seeing beside the lipgloss)
stila smudgepots in kitten and violet from the holiday smudgepot collection, got them both for Php500 (12usd) thanks cha!
nyx round lipgloss in cafe latte, freebie from cha!

and here's a random photo of my lips wearing nyx round lipgloss in cafe latte
lovin the color of this one, im actually been lookin for something like this..

and these are natural oils i bought from the uk that i got for a total of 36GBP plus 1,200Php for the taxes (or a total of 100usd almost). by the way i have 3 bottles of emu oil. the other 2 are unpictured as i've stored them in the fridge already. (emu oil spoils). still a lot of savings compared to when i buy the same stuff from a local seller. made the computation and if i buy the same amount of these oils from a local seller, i'd be paying almost 2,000Php (35usd) more. here are what i got:
rosehip oil, for fine lines under my eyes. i got 1 tiny line on the right and 1 and half (cuz the other one is really really small i call it half :D) on the left
jojoba oil, for my hair and all over the body as it's supposed to make the skin really supple. by the way it's pronounce "ho-ho-ba" and no joe-joe-ba (as i thought it was)
emu oil, to moisturize my face and for better absorption of rosehip oil and other lotions or creams that im using

i also got 3 boxes of fine white hyaluron powder. this is a product that has combined powers of hyaluronic acid to provide moisture for the skin (which i totally need!) and l-cysteine to clear up and prevent sunspots, freckles and liver spots.
i got it for 1,980Php (45usd) per box from a local seller. no positive feedback to that seller!

and here's a close up of fine white hyaluron's contents

2 cans of meiji amino collagen powder that i got for 1,500 (35usd). my dhc nameraka is almost finished and im going back to powdered supplements for better results (cuz powdered supplements and liquid supplements are supposed to be absorbed by the body way easier than capsules or tablets)

and im finally gonna try the much raved about fine hyaluron plus collagen powder
got this for 2,500Php (57usd) for a can. it's similar to meiji amino collagen but it has hyaluronic acid and pearl coix extract that's supposed to enhance the work of collagen.

and those are my acquisitions. i shall be making in focus entries on the supplements in a few months time and you can expect some eotd's using my new stila smudgepots :D

be glorious,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

just acquired

or to be more precise, "shall be acquiring" as i will get my hands on these pieces the day after tomorrow..

a little intro.. this month i got invited to my good friend's wedding and she wanted her guests to party it up in summer attire. that plus my most recent obsession which is everything peacock started my fishing for the latest accessories out there.

not so easy. these days you can find anything anywhere in our consumer-driven world, cute and chic accessories included. at affordable prices too! but cute and chic and good prices arent enough for me. i want it unique and handmade if possible. i want it to be MINE.

and so began my quest (online window shopping you might say) for my special pieces.

started at etsy but too bad that there is a very short list of local etsyist.

but in multiply immediately fell in love with this..

princess, its creator calls it windblown.. it's mine now :)

and since my shopping style is to buy plenty, i decided to have these too..

a junior version of windblown. it's actually an mto for my tot. so we can wear the chokers and look fab as a mom and baby. i love matching outfits with my daughters!

and the most exciting part!

i have a beautiful necklace of 3 long strands of keshi pearls. i love the pearls so much but i feel they are outdated so i had princess's genius re-work it for me :) here are more mto's that she made from my keshi pearls (should've taken a photo of the 3-stranded necklace so i can show you a before and after photos, still these pieces below are definitely eye candies)

waves and blues, seashells and fishes is what i asked for this long necklace

paired with equally inneresting bracelet..

old rose and fall leaves inspired this cleavage necklace

and i shall wear this vintage bracelet with it

beautiful? yes, i know :)

to view more of princess's works, visit her shop :)

p.s. can you read what it says on the book pages? lol

be glorious,

Monday, April 12, 2010

funkify your lashes

wanna know where to get these lashes?

continue reading here.

be glorious,

Friday, April 9, 2010

my laptop charger is busted

it sucks!

im so uncomfortable.

im using my mom's lil notebook. it's pink. and it's little.

ima have the charger fixed tomorrow.

dont you hate it when these things happen?


Thursday, April 8, 2010

dissect and compare: which collagen supplement is best for you

this blog is originally created as "my makeup contemplating cyber couch" but beauty should be part of every woman's (and man's) life and putting on makeup is just one aspect of making ourselves beautiful.

from now on i will share with you dear readers other stuff that i believe is essential in keeping ourselves beautiful from outside and within.

most of you aren't aware of my beauty regimen. while i am obsessed with lotions and creams (since time immemorial) and essential and natural oils, health supplements has also become my obsession (yes obsession) for the past 3 years.

i would like to share with you today my experience with these supplements and we shall start with collagen.

below are 3 of the most popular collagen brands in asia. all 3 are japanese brands and i have been using these alternately for the past 3 years so i am confident about my review.

DHC Nameraka

DHC Nameraka isn't just a collagen supplement. nameraka being a word for "smooth" in japanese contains five active ingredients that claims to give back the healthy glow to your skin. it makes your skin smooth as the name suggests.

These active ingredients are supposed to work together to battle stress and give make your skin revitalized.

Fish collagen 405mg
Fish elastin (proteins included 90%) 30mg
Pueraria Mirifica plant extract (Puerarin 97%)
Pig placenta extract 105mg
Hyaluronic acid 45mg

my experience with it

how effective is it?
true to its claim, it does make my skin uber smooth even on places where i normally have large pores. my skin felt extremely smooth all over. honestly thought that even brad pitt can lick my arms and be impressed. haha.
how soon did i see and feel the results?
my very first ever intake of dhc nameraka, i swear that i felt the results on the 3rd or 4th day. i woke up in the morning and was confused how the skin on my arms felt tautened. when i felt my arms, it was very smooth, only during the 2nd day after the effect took place did i realize that it must be the dhc nameraka making my skin feel taut at first and then smooth smooth smooth all over.
how long will the results last after i stop taking it?
after a month or so of using supplements, i sometimes give it a rest for a few days before i start on the same food supplement of a different brand. with dhc nameraka, when i stop taking it, i noticed the smoothness will stay on for a couple of days and within less than a week it is all gone.
how easy is it to take?
fairly easy. all you gotta do is pop 3 capsules with water after dinner!
any negative side effects?
for those with dry skin (like me) the tautened effect at the initial stage of taking the supplement can feel weird. no allergic reaction on my part.
who should take DHC nameraka in my opinion?
those who is after having a super smooth skin all over. those whose skin isn't too dry. great especially for women who have significant others. im sure your sweethearts will be delighted to caress that porcelain texture.
how much is it?
bought mine for Php 1,300 (approximately 25usd) per pack of 90 capsules, good for a month. my stocks since it came from 2008 and 2009 hoards are still kinda expensive. yea it sucks. but now that there are more sellers, hence more competition, the price has been lowered for as low as Php 1,000 (approximately 20usd). just look 'round ebay, multiply, sulit or forum marketplaces.


Meiji Amino Collagen

there are 2 versions of meiji amino collagen, one is such as pictured above, also known as "regular" and there is the premium variety which has the same ingredients but has additional hyaluronic acid and coenzyme q10 for added benefits.

it boasts of 5,000mg of fish collagen peptide among others and here are the rest of the ingredients:
450mg of Arginine (A type of amino acid that is essential for maintaining healthy skin)
50mg of Vitamin C (Necessary for creating collagen. The essential vitamin that supports collagen)

my experience with it

how effective is it?
i find that my skin became smoother after prolonged use of meiji amino collagen. my face looks like it has a healthy soft glow.
how soon did i see and feel the results?
the result is very gradual but it's definitely there. within the first month (or before i finished one can) it is already apparent.
how long will the results last after i stop taking it?
just like its effect, the result wore off very slowly, probably after a couple of weeks after i stop using it
how easy is it to take?
together with the can, they provide you a scoop. you're supposed to take 1 scoop of meiji amino collagen with any beverage of choice such as juice, coffee, milk. you may even mix it with your soup. it doesn't have the most desirable taste, by the way.
any negative side effects?
i didnt get any allergic reaction while using this one. it has been claimed however that increasing intake (or going beyond the recommended 1 scoop per day) will make one's face bloated. i did try taking 2 scoops per day for a week or so and true enough, my face fattened a bit. stop doing that and it will go back to normal.
who should take meiji amino collagen?
meiji amino collagen is for those who are concerned that they are losing their shapely figure. for those whose skin is just starting to sag, it is a good idea to combat cellulite and old, sagging skin by taking meiji amino collagen. i find it also that for those who want rosy skin, this particular collagen brand helps you achieve it better than other brands as it doesn't overpower the other supplements as much. continue reading about my experience below to find out why.
how much is it?
from most online sellers, you can get meiji amino collagen for Php 1,500 or approximately 30usd per can, good for 28 days. they also sell a refill pack, good for 30 days, with the same price. check the usual ebay, multiply, sulit and forum marketplaces.


Shiseido Collagen Update

from a very popular international cosmetics brand, shiseido collagen update is actually an old version of shiseido collagen (they now have shiseido THE COLLAGEN).

shiseido collagen update contains more anti-ageing and beautifying ingredients than the first two collagen brands mentioned above:
1,000mg collagen per 6 tablets
hyaluronic acid
herbal extracts
royal jelly
Vitamin C

how effective is it?
it is highly effective. i find that its hyaluron content effectively moisturized my skin a lot more than dhc nameraka's hyaluron ever did. its effect is comparable to when you use loreal revitalift, (its original formula). your facial features becomes well defined. i love the moisture it gives on my skin very much. do you love how your skin feels and looks glowing after you hit the gym? you will get that healthy glow when you take shiseido collagen update.
how soon did i see and feel the results?
saw the results within the first week of using it. it is impressive i tell yah! you will want to keep looking at your face in the mirror.
how long will the results last after i stop taking it?
noticed that within a week after i stop taking it, the results wore off.
how easy is it to take?
you are supposed to take 4-6 little tablets with water everyday. i just took it in 3 divided doses.
any negative side effects?
didnt cause any allergies on me. but since it moisturizes even the driest of skins, it might cause breakouts for some people. i, however, didn't experience any breakout with this since my skin seldom gets a pimple.
who should take shiseido collagen update?
those whose top list is to get extra moisture for their skin. i am not that old yet and i don't have wrinkles but im sure this is an hg material for those in their late 30's or older looking for an oral collagen supplement. and of course people like me who wanna avoid that, or in the early stages of developing wrinkles and fine lines, whose facial features is giving up on them (sadly..), whose showing signs of laugh lines and nasolabial folds, take shiseido collagen update (or the new shiseido the collagen). however, i am also positive that shiseido collagen update easily overpowered my other supplements such as l-cysteine (for skin brightening, whitening and melasma prevention). so you choose what suits your needs :)
how much is it?
there are not much sellers of shiseido collagen update (or the new shiseido the collagen). at Php 1,900 or approximately 40usd, it is on the pricey side. and you get only 126 pills on a bottle, enough for 21 days.


and there you have my honest and unbiased dissection of the 3 most popular collagen supplements out there.

there are other brands i have tried such as boots luminese silk and nuvite collagen tablets but as i have only used them for 2 cycles max i dont feel like i can give an in-depth review of them.

p.s. writing this dissection made me smile. im a follower of many makeup gurus (such as you!) in blogosphere, thinking i shall never come close to their expertise, but i realize i may be a guru myself when it comes to health and beauty supplements :P

i hope this post helped you (and encourage you maybe) to decide if you are in need of collagen supplements.

what do you think?

be glorious,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

eotd: peacock!

for some reason, i am lately very fond of peacock colors. these colors are the only shades that come to my mind whenever i conceptualize looks that i'd wanna try.

i actually just came in from a little shopping trip taking home with me a plum colored top, a turqoise colored dress and a bangle that has a swirly blue and violet design. these color combination is just so beautiful, classy and exotic all at the same time.

here is my very first eotd post, a simple peacock inspired eye.

i used:
urban decay primer potion, the original formula
light violet shade from dollface 88 matte and satin palette
dollface gel liner in turqoise
dollface gel liner in light blue
benefit high beam
shu uemura eyelash curler

and there you have it. wanna show us some peacock inspired look too? please do!

be glorious,

Monday, April 5, 2010

just acquired

here is a few acquisitions i have..

evian face spray (it is a big bottle yea i know.. lol)
since the day i got it i have been using it on myself and for my tot too..i say it is a must-have for the summer. got it the 150ml bottle for Php339 in pcx and i shall get a 60ml bottle (when i find one) to keep in my purse. it is very refreshing and i believe it does its job well fixing my makeup

mac prep + prime skin
this is just my 2nd ever face primer (etude house's pore smoothing peach base being the first) and i like the way it makes my foundation glide more easily on my skin. others claim to have allergic reactions against it but not me (so far!)

mac lipstick in hug me
i've read lots of raves over this product being one of the best nude lipstick there is but i aint so happy with the shade right now as i prefer paler nudes..while it not exactly is the very moisturizing lipstick, it is not as uncomfortable as nyx's round lipsticks (when both are worn alone)

sally hansen extreme wear in bamboo shoot

got it for php 220 in pcx. haven't worn nail lacquers for over 2 years (since i conceived baby #1) but im gonna wear this shade for a wedding i'll be attending this saturday.. i plan to make it my signature nail lacquer just like dita von teese wears her vintage red lacquer for years. signature items, yea.. i think it is classy that people can identify you with something you keep on wearing over the years..

and here is a collage of my lips wearing mac hug me..

what about you? do you have signature items that you've been using exclusively for years? or maybe planning to have one?

be glorious,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

a piece of me, APRIL 2010

I like: to go to the beach.

I don't like: the impossible heat in manila right now.

I want you to know: i still breastfeed my 6-month-old baby daughter.

I've planned:
to move the trip i's supposed to have to again next month due to the reason stated above.

I want to say to someone special: that i love you.

what about a piece of you girlfriend?

get on here sister!

be glorious,