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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

just acquired

or to be more precise, "shall be acquiring" as i will get my hands on these pieces the day after tomorrow..

a little intro.. this month i got invited to my good friend's wedding and she wanted her guests to party it up in summer attire. that plus my most recent obsession which is everything peacock started my fishing for the latest accessories out there.

not so easy. these days you can find anything anywhere in our consumer-driven world, cute and chic accessories included. at affordable prices too! but cute and chic and good prices arent enough for me. i want it unique and handmade if possible. i want it to be MINE.

and so began my quest (online window shopping you might say) for my special pieces.

started at etsy but too bad that there is a very short list of local etsyist.

but in multiply immediately fell in love with this..

princess, its creator calls it windblown.. it's mine now :)

and since my shopping style is to buy plenty, i decided to have these too..

a junior version of windblown. it's actually an mto for my tot. so we can wear the chokers and look fab as a mom and baby. i love matching outfits with my daughters!

and the most exciting part!

i have a beautiful necklace of 3 long strands of keshi pearls. i love the pearls so much but i feel they are outdated so i had princess's genius re-work it for me :) here are more mto's that she made from my keshi pearls (should've taken a photo of the 3-stranded necklace so i can show you a before and after photos, still these pieces below are definitely eye candies)

waves and blues, seashells and fishes is what i asked for this long necklace

paired with equally inneresting bracelet..

old rose and fall leaves inspired this cleavage necklace

and i shall wear this vintage bracelet with it

beautiful? yes, i know :)

to view more of princess's works, visit her shop :)

p.s. can you read what it says on the book pages? lol

be glorious,


Ida said...

Oh my gosh, those are beautiful, I adore the 3rd necklace. :) Browsing her shop now...

maki said...

oh yes they are! very happy to have them :D

trizh űű said...

so cute ;)

maki said...

thanks trizh!

Eva said...

wow gorgeous :)


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