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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

just acquired

stila illuminating tinted moisturizer, which retails for Php 1,400 (32USD)
victoria's secret lotion "pure seduction", which sells for 9.50usd but i got for php300 (7usd) from a good friend ara who imported it from canada. and she gave me a free glycolic soap too(yea that's a soap not a cocoa bar you're seeing beside the lipgloss)
stila smudgepots in kitten and violet from the holiday smudgepot collection, got them both for Php500 (12usd) thanks cha!
nyx round lipgloss in cafe latte, freebie from cha!

and here's a random photo of my lips wearing nyx round lipgloss in cafe latte
lovin the color of this one, im actually been lookin for something like this..

and these are natural oils i bought from the uk that i got for a total of 36GBP plus 1,200Php for the taxes (or a total of 100usd almost). by the way i have 3 bottles of emu oil. the other 2 are unpictured as i've stored them in the fridge already. (emu oil spoils). still a lot of savings compared to when i buy the same stuff from a local seller. made the computation and if i buy the same amount of these oils from a local seller, i'd be paying almost 2,000Php (35usd) more. here are what i got:
rosehip oil, for fine lines under my eyes. i got 1 tiny line on the right and 1 and half (cuz the other one is really really small i call it half :D) on the left
jojoba oil, for my hair and all over the body as it's supposed to make the skin really supple. by the way it's pronounce "ho-ho-ba" and no joe-joe-ba (as i thought it was)
emu oil, to moisturize my face and for better absorption of rosehip oil and other lotions or creams that im using

i also got 3 boxes of fine white hyaluron powder. this is a product that has combined powers of hyaluronic acid to provide moisture for the skin (which i totally need!) and l-cysteine to clear up and prevent sunspots, freckles and liver spots.
i got it for 1,980Php (45usd) per box from a local seller. no positive feedback to that seller!

and here's a close up of fine white hyaluron's contents

2 cans of meiji amino collagen powder that i got for 1,500 (35usd). my dhc nameraka is almost finished and im going back to powdered supplements for better results (cuz powdered supplements and liquid supplements are supposed to be absorbed by the body way easier than capsules or tablets)

and im finally gonna try the much raved about fine hyaluron plus collagen powder
got this for 2,500Php (57usd) for a can. it's similar to meiji amino collagen but it has hyaluronic acid and pearl coix extract that's supposed to enhance the work of collagen.

and those are my acquisitions. i shall be making in focus entries on the supplements in a few months time and you can expect some eotd's using my new stila smudgepots :D

be glorious,


Palak said...

Great haul ! I so want a review of Stila TM !!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

nice prods sis,good catch on the smudge pots

maki said...

@palak, will be doing it in a week's time sweetie!

@shobe, yeah, that's what girltalk is for :)

Arabian eyes said...

hey hun! you been tagged

maki said...

wow! thanks nada!

Sush said...

yumm haha great haul ive been dying to try the stila smudge pots

maki said...

the colors are great @sush, however the staying power isnt as good as the dollface gel liners

* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

awesome post!!:) I like ur haul

The Beautifier said...

I have the Stilla Illuminating tinted moisturizer, its lovely! The NYX lippy looks great on ya hun! xoxo

maki said...

thanks sonali!

Jing said...

a friend of mine is visiting hongkong next month. i want to try that milk. suggest ka naman maki whats the best can? yung may hyaluron o yung plain lang?

by the way, thanks for the sweet comment maki =)

maki said...

you're welcome jing! be messaging you on your blog about my suggestion.

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