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i'm maki, a 28-year-old stay-at-home mom. my MAKEUP SHAKEUP will deal mainly on beauty but i now have recently spread my wings to encompass other topics. i love discovering how other people live & would love to share a peek into my life too. i love a cozy blogosphere and my co-bloggers are considered my friends.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just acquired + FOTD

been feeling low the past few days and lemme tell you the music below isnt related to what i've been feeling.
i am now feeling a little better and in the coming week we shall see what is up next in my life. :D
for now i wanna show you what i got recently..

you can see there a:
maybelline age rewind corrector makeup (which i havent figured out if it's a foundation or a concealer)
yes! my benefit lemon aid which you know i have already tested on a previous post
stila all doll'd up palette from the barbie collection
a marionnaud eyebrow and lash brush
a cuticle scissors to be used as brow scissors
an atomizer cuz i shall be "concocting" my own mixing medium

we've all been bombarded with swatches and inside look but let us admire the packaging one more time.. cute. my niece is envious :D

went out to a salon and i looked like this..

rosehip oil all over the face, great product for an instant glow and lift on your skin i tell you!
revlon photoready in shell cuz it's spf27 and i dont wanna wear separate sunblock earlier. lazy!
maybelline dream mousse bronzer, forgot the shade sorry
dior lip liner as eyebrow pencil, yea i know! crayzay
dollface gel liner, black
brown and pink dior eyeshadows

that's a very quick post but im soon gonna be showing photos (and giving review) of my recent salon visit.

be glorious,

Friday, June 25, 2010

feelin low :(

feelin low.. if you dont fancy tlc and swv then skip this post and check out my benefit lemon aid review

be glorious,

in FOCUS: benefit lemon aid for a VIBRANT EYE MAKEUP

so i broke up with udpp after realizing it is the reason behind the muted colors of my eye makeup. as im into intense colors, wearable or not, i started looking around for something that will enhance the vibrancy of my eye pigments. i looked into foiling and using mixing mediums as well but i had to find something to put on my lids too.

too faced shadow insurance, the all natural face eye primer, kryolan eye primer, urban decay primer potion in eden (since i love yellowed lids) came to my mind.

decided to get benefit lemon aid as i love benefit cosmetics & their witty labeling.

see here.. (excuse the bare face, clumsy eyebrows & lack of lid space)

these are UNBLENDED pigments
i didnt use anything except benefit lemon aid on the "clouded" eye,
the other lid is without any primer.
used the sometimes powdery dollface 88 palette. this is matte as i love matte shadows.
matte = solid colors

notice that some pigments have already fallen off from the lid without lemon aid?

i find that lemon aid "hugs" the pigments allowing it to properly get concentrated on the area where you slapped it on, hence lesser fall offs

removes easily with jojoba oil and a wad of cotton too :D

not so fast! benefit lemon aid also creases big time. within an hour of putting it on! so a lid primer is still needed.

yea i know.. all of a sudden most of you who placed a mental note to get their hands on benefit lemon aid asap decides to throw off the idea within minutes.

pretty reasonable. who wants an extra step in their already tedious eye makeup routine anyway? i dont mind though. still sticking with my lemon aid and find a lid primer or some other way to prevent creasing as im much much much in love with rich colors than i hate creasing.

p.s. udpp eden cant replace lemon aid, google a comparison and you'll know. so any idea what primer i should partner with lemon aid?

be glorious,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cherry on top award

i was going through my daily dose of bloglovin and to my surprise the beautiful leah of theroyalblush.blogspot.com got a treat for me. thanks girl! really enjoying your blog. we share the same dilemmas. oh we do and i say if you ever come visit here i can play hostess to your beautiful balikbayan self.

and i got a..


Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave this award to you - Thank you LEAH♥
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List three things which you love about yourself.
4. Post a picture you love.
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.

the 3 things i love about myself:

1. my skin. or rather the skin on my face. it is not acne-prone and i havent had much problem with zits.

2. my memory. it is very very good.

3. the fact that i am honest with everything i say and i can speak my mind without being obnoxious.

picture i love..

love him :D

and i'm tagging:


Makeup with MBA

great day ladies and let's spread the love.
be glorious,

Monday, June 21, 2010

beauty breakthroughs: let the fishes eat their way to your beautiful skin

we all heard of cockroaches on the face, nightingale poo for younger skin, even leeches sucking blood for detoxification..

for dead skin cells, one can opt for a special kind of fish to work(or eat) their way so you can have buffered skin. these fishes are called garra rufa or "doctor fishes".

it isnt exactly something new as years back, i saw a feature on discovery channel about turkish spas wherein people with skin problems (or those who just wants to keep their skin beautiful and young) from different parts of the globe would make a pilgrimage to turkey just so their skin (their dead skin that is!) will serve as feed for these fishes. being the skin and anti-ageing buff that i am even as a teenager, i took a mental note that someday i will go to turkey for just that kind of treatment.

haha! didnt have to! fish spas have recently gained popularity in the world over and more and more salons, spas and beauty clinics are now offering natural exfolitian via garra rufa fish therapy. neat!

at the manila ocean park, we only had to pay extra Php 120 to have 10 minutes of this fish treatment.. too bad that since it isnt a spa but merely a trial, we can only soak our feet.

the moment when you're dip your feet, it is a bit scary. especially when you see the fishes "attacking your feet". then as they give their first bites, it gets really ticklish

only a few fishes feeding on my feet, some people there has their feet completely covered by fishes. lol.

im not satisfied with this 10-minute trial to be honest and am still hoping that spas near my place would start offering fish therapy.

what about you? any eccentric beauty treatments you've tried lately??

be glorious,

Friday, June 18, 2010

cleaning our makeup brushes the proper way

i wont be exactly teaching how to clean your brushes ladies (and gents)as im not claiming to be an expert. rather, im showing you how i do it. in that way, you can pick up some of my ideas and you can share wise ideas to me and our other sisters (brothers) too :D

i only know of cosmetics brush cleaning from what i have been reading on girltalk, from reading other blogs and from the leaflet that suesh so nicely attached on their brush sets here:
(all photos are zoomable of course. so go ahead and have a better view)

very useful right? :D

so i finally got the chance to wash my marionnaud pencil brush, a couple of suesh eye brushes and my blush 15-piece brush set by suesh. yea.. i know.. took i while..

i used loreal for kids shampoo in passion fruit.. it's my kids'. as im lazy and have limited time, i washed 2-4 small brushes at a time :D

put shampoo on my palm and used the other hand to hold and swirl the brushes on it. the shampoo smelled so delicious btw..

rinsed it with running water from the middle of the ferrule down to the bristles as advised on the suesh leaflet. it didnt take a while to rinse cuz the brushes didnt bleed nor did it shed (except for the angled contour brush which shed two tiny strands)


after washing and rinsing all the eye brushes i had to take a break cuz i have to check on the damage that my little candy have created by that time (yea.. nanny-less again.. threw out the latest ayah as she's shouting at the kids.. but that's another story)
extremely cute, eh?

i dried the brushes on top of a towel and it is slightly angled to make sure the excess water will drip the proper way

meanwhile i prepared a gingham pillow case and placed it inside the pages of a big book

while some of the brushes have dried (and some havent cuz i cant wait anymore lol) i lined the brushes on top of the gingham cloth (which is by the way clean and sterile as i dont want my newly washed brushes to be dirtied again)

then closed the book. (wrong choice of a book as a softbound book would have "hugged" the brushes in place better)

so i found a way to use my yellow nail enamel from the face shop which is soooo runny

used it to paint my brush butts. i reckon it is better to just color code our brushes than put sticker labels on it. easier to spot which brushes are yours even from afar. that way, when out with other people who also have plenty of brushes laying about, the brushes wont get mixed up

i know i should probably used a longer lasting paint but i dont have any. besides, i might change my mind and nail polish is so easy to remove.. didnt make an effort to apply the color either as by this time im just too eager to get over the cleaning and marking part and go on with the using!

while waiting for nail polish to dry, i also sanitized my brush roll and some brush guards using alcohol and cotton

Align Centerit is important to sanitize the brush roll too. see? the dust and germs that would've made contact with my brushes is removed.

and here's my brushes arranged according to my preference.

i hope you picked up something from my demonstration. if im doing something wrong or if you think i can do something better please let me know..

be glorious,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

animal printed storage boxes for this and that

i's looking for study charts for my toddler in sm office and school supplies store when i passed by these cute boxes.. :D they're on sale too!

i've been meaning to get some storage containers for my nail polishes and i wasnt expecting to find something from sm department store.

these are made of cardboard so i had to think twice if i's gonna get it or not, however the cuteness won. besides, i can wipe it clean with a damp cloth and alcohol if it gets dusty anyway (which i just did). i think these are meant to be gift boxes.

there are also other shapes such as octagon. i should've gotten more.

the box has heart-shaped windows so i can easily check what's inside. it's Php 99 and im estimating that the size is 7 x 7 x 6 (height inches). this is the biggest box i got though there are 2 other smaller sizes of this model

these buckets sell for Php 89 and has a string handle. it's 6 inches in diameter and about 6 inches tall too. there are bigger sizes and smaller sizes of this design

any of you girlfriends are lovin animal prints? needing some storage containers too?

be glorious,

Monday, June 14, 2010

just acquired + notd

got these nail polishes a few days ago. still crushing on the face shop polishes those days.. and speaking of "crushing" you can see karl leuterio's blogspot on the background which i pulled up on purpose so y'all can see it.. im crushing on his eyebrows haha..check him out..

also got those strawberry scented nail file and french liner guides from the face shop

here are the swatches of my new polishes.. see the yellow? it's 3 coats and still lookin like that..

and i love doing odd ones out on my fingernails lately..

be glorious,

Saturday, June 12, 2010


actually this is my sister's fotd :D
she's ultimately way better than me in putting on makeup. she started early with makeup while i only got innerested on makeup when i's 27 :D

sofina primavista liquid foundation
missha oven blusher
nyx cafe latte round lipgloss
benefit coralista
shades from dollface 88 palette
dior eyeliner
random dark brown eyebrow pencil whose brand have long since faded
avon mascara (no falsies, she has naturally long lashes)

p.s. yes, except for the mascara & brow pencil, all makeup items are mine. she likes using my stuff

be glorious,

do you post your unflattering photos?

most of us, when posting photos in our blogs, websites, facebooks etc. filter out the unflattering photos..might be a bad makeup, wrong outfit, or unbecoming angle that we dont want our followers, friends and readers to see..

the other day i's at the manila ocean park i had the chance to try bungee jumping..

here are my photos.. enjoy laughing at me.. lol..


be glorious,

Thursday, June 10, 2010