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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i took home AKSHAY KUMAR

lately, i really really started craving again for indian food, thanks to some of my co-bloggers' food posts :P and so i decided to look for indian restaurants in manila. i know of kashmir (my jamil told me about it and i have seen it couple of times while in makati) and of course places like jaipur, (bollywood in greenbelt is no more :( )but those are too far from me. plus, I DONT HAVE A DATE! THANKS JAMIL :p so i googled indian restaurants in manila and there've been a lot of references about u.n. avenue. i knew i had to go there soon.
coincidentally, i needed a new digital camera and i found a seller who offers cheapest in manila. so great luck for me. i'll be hitting 2 birds in one trip :)

i ate at assad cafe cuz there aint any other restaurants there :p
& bought some stuff at little india

their lassi sucks.. made my throat itch cuz the mixture isnt properly done

chapati is ok

chicken masala is more of a chicken tandoori poured with masala.. but i aint complainin..
it was my man who taught me to eat indian/pakistani food and just like a man, i didnt stop eating until i can breathe no more.. hahahah..

the prices in case you wanna visit
i also took home chicken biryani cuz i wanna make the most of my trip. my dad also likes biryani
and aloo gobhi for my wania..
and keema too (which ended in the garbage as i forgot about it so the maid had to throw it out :p)

the ladoo that never reached home..
this i got from little india. i tasted it & it's not freshly made! i threw it out on the way home

also at little india, near the counter, i saw BOLLYWOOD MOVIES.. automatically i looked for my beloved shah rukh khan, but his movies are sold out..
didnt see anything i fancy so i took home the second best.. akshay kumar.. blue :P

p.s. re-posted it from my other blog.

little by little, i'll include other inneresting things in my life cuz i thought if i love seeing other peeps' adventures, maybe some folks out there need an info i have (such as an advice on where to get indian food in manila!)
this blog shall remain beauty-inclined of course! just mixing it up with some masala!

be glorious,


liloo said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh I wanna a chicken masala XD
Tomorow iA I'll eat in an indian restaurant (I'll think about you he!he!).
Lots of love

maki said...

:D that's sweet liloo. click it for your 365 photos so we can all see it :D

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I wish you had better experience with the food:(i thought Manila would have tons of indian eating places..i love khan too!!

{ I V Y } said...


Vivarjitha said...

gr8 post!!!

anamika said...

Hey Maki,

It feel so happy when you write about India..I love my country and I must tell you the food is highly priced and is not properly done also..

If you ever come to India come over to my home ..I will make sure you eat the best of food here.

By the way Blue was one of the biggest flop here:P

Anonymous said...

but akshay is hit anamika.

Anonymous said...

and maki,he is not after srk but above him,no 1 ,akshay kumar..

maki said...

thanks ivy,vivarjitha.. :D

@sonali, everybody loves khan! there are a lot of indians here but i imagine most families prepare their own food or have their own cook (we used to have a boy trained to do indian food too)

@anamika, that's so sweet of you to make an ivite.

maki said...

i dont think our sis anamika here meant any harm.

and i'm not saying akshay kumar is second best in talent, looks etc to srk. i just meant that for me, srk is number one hot guy and akshay is number 2. :D

it's ok to post your name here sis. i welcome every1's opinion even if it doesnt agree with mine.


The Beautifier said...

I enjoyed reading this post! Indian food rocks! xoxo

maki said...

@sonali! indian food is the best!

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