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Monday, June 21, 2010

beauty breakthroughs: let the fishes eat their way to your beautiful skin

we all heard of cockroaches on the face, nightingale poo for younger skin, even leeches sucking blood for detoxification..

for dead skin cells, one can opt for a special kind of fish to work(or eat) their way so you can have buffered skin. these fishes are called garra rufa or "doctor fishes".

it isnt exactly something new as years back, i saw a feature on discovery channel about turkish spas wherein people with skin problems (or those who just wants to keep their skin beautiful and young) from different parts of the globe would make a pilgrimage to turkey just so their skin (their dead skin that is!) will serve as feed for these fishes. being the skin and anti-ageing buff that i am even as a teenager, i took a mental note that someday i will go to turkey for just that kind of treatment.

haha! didnt have to! fish spas have recently gained popularity in the world over and more and more salons, spas and beauty clinics are now offering natural exfolitian via garra rufa fish therapy. neat!

at the manila ocean park, we only had to pay extra Php 120 to have 10 minutes of this fish treatment.. too bad that since it isnt a spa but merely a trial, we can only soak our feet.

the moment when you're dip your feet, it is a bit scary. especially when you see the fishes "attacking your feet". then as they give their first bites, it gets really ticklish

only a few fishes feeding on my feet, some people there has their feet completely covered by fishes. lol.

im not satisfied with this 10-minute trial to be honest and am still hoping that spas near my place would start offering fish therapy.

what about you? any eccentric beauty treatments you've tried lately??

be glorious,


Dolce♥Bunny said...

i've done this before! But it was 30 min in Malaysia. It was too long I'd say, cuz by the time 30 min was over, the fish had over bite my feet and it was rougher then I started with @_@

anamika said...

Fish spa is getting popular in India as well but they doit for 10 minutes and my feet feel much better with a normal pedicure..

Recently I tried loreal spa on my hair and I felt great:)

Vintage Vixen said...

I saw this at Dabolim airport in India, I was very tempted but had to rush to catch a flight, may be next time!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I read abt this in Marie Claire..looks really weird but is it really effective?

-AnGiEpInK- said...

wow..Does it tickle?.. I never try before..^_^..

Sanna said...

I have experienced that in some ocean here in Finland :D:D Little fishes were tickling my legs!! :D

I hope we will get same kind of things here also!

liloo said...

we have it in Paris and I just wanted to try it loool
thx for sharing xoxo

Anonymous said...

Omg this would totally freak me out, i'm scared of anything that moves(apart from people!) haha!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

What a nice procedure! Didn't tried that, hopefully yet!

Vivarjitha said...

i've seen ppl do this...but never tried myself though!!!

Jenny said...

hehehe my mom did this somewhere in asia and i was laughing out of control while she was telling me her experience! apparently you could tell the people with more dead skin cells on their feet because they would have more fish near their feet! lol

The Beautifier said...

My mum has had the fish pedicure in India, I am sure gonna try it in my next trip to India :d

Carla said...

oh gosh...I could never do that...Im scared of fish =D

Lorin Kelly said...

I saw this on Jessica Simpsons show, Price of Beauty, I think its a crazy idea but would love to try it! Great post! :)


I'm gonna be having many makeup posts this week, check my blog if you want!


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