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i'm maki, a 28-year-old stay-at-home mom. my MAKEUP SHAKEUP will deal mainly on beauty but i now have recently spread my wings to encompass other topics. i love discovering how other people live & would love to share a peek into my life too. i love a cozy blogosphere and my co-bloggers are considered my friends.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just acquired + FOTD

been feeling low the past few days and lemme tell you the music below isnt related to what i've been feeling.
i am now feeling a little better and in the coming week we shall see what is up next in my life. :D
for now i wanna show you what i got recently..

you can see there a:
maybelline age rewind corrector makeup (which i havent figured out if it's a foundation or a concealer)
yes! my benefit lemon aid which you know i have already tested on a previous post
stila all doll'd up palette from the barbie collection
a marionnaud eyebrow and lash brush
a cuticle scissors to be used as brow scissors
an atomizer cuz i shall be "concocting" my own mixing medium

we've all been bombarded with swatches and inside look but let us admire the packaging one more time.. cute. my niece is envious :D

went out to a salon and i looked like this..

rosehip oil all over the face, great product for an instant glow and lift on your skin i tell you!
revlon photoready in shell cuz it's spf27 and i dont wanna wear separate sunblock earlier. lazy!
maybelline dream mousse bronzer, forgot the shade sorry
dior lip liner as eyebrow pencil, yea i know! crayzay
dollface gel liner, black
brown and pink dior eyeshadows

that's a very quick post but im soon gonna be showing photos (and giving review) of my recent salon visit.

be glorious,


Marie said...

How cute is that Barbie Stila Kit!?!:D

Nice FOTD, btw.:D

Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
& Life According to Marie.

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

I'm loving that Barbie Stila palette...I'm going to have to find that collection ASAP! Thanks for sharing doll :)



Mimi said...

the barbie stila is just so cute! hope you feel better! :)


anamika said...

Your skin is worth dyeing for Maki..
You always look so cute:)

Vintage Vixen said...

You look beautiful and have skin to die for!
I'm loving the kitsch Barbie packaging so much.

Dolce♥Bunny said...

ooooo! That's so cute! I love the packaging... haha !! YOu cutie!

The Beautifier said...

You have a pretty face Maki :) your skin looks flawless. I must try the rosehip oil now! xoxo

✿Lady.Mitchelli✿ said...

That's a pretty FOTD Ms. Maki! =)

Btw, as u know i had troubles w/ my blog feed lately, and its now been fixed.
Please UNfollow me then FOLLOW me again so that my posts will now be visible in ur dashboard.
Please do the same w/ your blogroll. Thank you so much sissy! =)

Sovina said...

love this collection..you totally have a way with makeup..can you sometimes do a tutorial or something on how to apply blush on..it would be great really..


Anonymous said...

Your skin looks really great, I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for rosehip oil! It's also really good for you in tea :) x

Cynthia Z said...

Looking pretty Maki! That Barbie palette is too cute!


Leah ♥ said...

love the look! I nominated you for a blogger award! Check it out:http://theroyalblush.blogspot.com/2010/07/blogger-award-update.html

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