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i'm maki, a 28-year-old stay-at-home mom. my MAKEUP SHAKEUP will deal mainly on beauty but i now have recently spread my wings to encompass other topics. i love discovering how other people live & would love to share a peek into my life too. i love a cozy blogosphere and my co-bloggers are considered my friends.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

just finished

a box of fine white hyaluron

a can of meiji amino collagen

and 1 bottle of emu oil (still have 2 bottles left)

for meiji amino collagen's review, kindly check my post here.
and since i have only used fine white hyaluron and emu oil for the first time, i shall be making a review in the next few months as i dont wanna blab about something that i barely know about :)
that's all for now! so happy to be finishing my acquisitions little by little :D

be glorious,


liloo said...

Thx for this article Maki xoxo

Eri said...

Great blog!

Please have a look at my blog too, perhaps you would like to follow me too. I am having a great GIVEAWAY at the moment.

Hope to see you soon.

maki said...

sure ladies:)

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