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Friday, June 18, 2010

cleaning our makeup brushes the proper way

i wont be exactly teaching how to clean your brushes ladies (and gents)as im not claiming to be an expert. rather, im showing you how i do it. in that way, you can pick up some of my ideas and you can share wise ideas to me and our other sisters (brothers) too :D

i only know of cosmetics brush cleaning from what i have been reading on girltalk, from reading other blogs and from the leaflet that suesh so nicely attached on their brush sets here:
(all photos are zoomable of course. so go ahead and have a better view)

very useful right? :D

so i finally got the chance to wash my marionnaud pencil brush, a couple of suesh eye brushes and my blush 15-piece brush set by suesh. yea.. i know.. took i while..

i used loreal for kids shampoo in passion fruit.. it's my kids'. as im lazy and have limited time, i washed 2-4 small brushes at a time :D

put shampoo on my palm and used the other hand to hold and swirl the brushes on it. the shampoo smelled so delicious btw..

rinsed it with running water from the middle of the ferrule down to the bristles as advised on the suesh leaflet. it didnt take a while to rinse cuz the brushes didnt bleed nor did it shed (except for the angled contour brush which shed two tiny strands)


after washing and rinsing all the eye brushes i had to take a break cuz i have to check on the damage that my little candy have created by that time (yea.. nanny-less again.. threw out the latest ayah as she's shouting at the kids.. but that's another story)
extremely cute, eh?

i dried the brushes on top of a towel and it is slightly angled to make sure the excess water will drip the proper way

meanwhile i prepared a gingham pillow case and placed it inside the pages of a big book

while some of the brushes have dried (and some havent cuz i cant wait anymore lol) i lined the brushes on top of the gingham cloth (which is by the way clean and sterile as i dont want my newly washed brushes to be dirtied again)

then closed the book. (wrong choice of a book as a softbound book would have "hugged" the brushes in place better)

so i found a way to use my yellow nail enamel from the face shop which is soooo runny

used it to paint my brush butts. i reckon it is better to just color code our brushes than put sticker labels on it. easier to spot which brushes are yours even from afar. that way, when out with other people who also have plenty of brushes laying about, the brushes wont get mixed up

i know i should probably used a longer lasting paint but i dont have any. besides, i might change my mind and nail polish is so easy to remove.. didnt make an effort to apply the color either as by this time im just too eager to get over the cleaning and marking part and go on with the using!

while waiting for nail polish to dry, i also sanitized my brush roll and some brush guards using alcohol and cotton

Align Centerit is important to sanitize the brush roll too. see? the dust and germs that would've made contact with my brushes is removed.

and here's my brushes arranged according to my preference.

i hope you picked up something from my demonstration. if im doing something wrong or if you think i can do something better please let me know..

be glorious,


Ki said...

I love how you did this!

A little tip though - it might sound weird but I use conditioner on my brushes once in two weeks - it keeps 'em soft :)

maki said...

haha! i knew conditioner would come up! thanks ki! i'll do that when i feel the brush hairs have gone to stiff & pokey :)

Vintage Vixen said...

I love your clever drying idea, inspired! My brushes seem to take forever to dry so I'm definately stealing that idea from you.
Your little cutie is adorable!

maki said...

thanks vix!

✿Lady Mitchelli✿ said...

This is a very useful post. Thanks for sharing! =)

Btw, U have a very cute kddo right there!

Aazar ali shad said...

Hey Maki..THanks for following :D .....Listen, wats the meaning of your name??

Dolce♥Bunny said...

I wish I saw this before I washed my brushes yesterday. It will be sooo much cheaper if I followed how you did... T^T

maki said...

hehe .. yea.. baby shampoo is great and cheaper for brushes bunny girl :D

Vivarjitha said...

gr8 tip...nd the baby is sooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!

trizh űű said...

thanks for placing me on your blogroll. :)
anyway, I'm lemming for marionnaud brushes. thanks for posting

Cynthia Z said...

Wow.. I like how u dry them :)

Yr lil one is such a cutie! Good u threw out the cruel ayah :[


maki said...

thanks girls :D

Sovina said...


great blog you have heree..totally love it..i will sure be back for more..Keep rocking:)


Leah ♥ said...

great post!!!

CUTEST BABY EVER!!!!! OMG youre so lucky!!! :)

I just nominated you for a blog award btw :)


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