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Friday, June 25, 2010

in FOCUS: benefit lemon aid for a VIBRANT EYE MAKEUP

so i broke up with udpp after realizing it is the reason behind the muted colors of my eye makeup. as im into intense colors, wearable or not, i started looking around for something that will enhance the vibrancy of my eye pigments. i looked into foiling and using mixing mediums as well but i had to find something to put on my lids too.

too faced shadow insurance, the all natural face eye primer, kryolan eye primer, urban decay primer potion in eden (since i love yellowed lids) came to my mind.

decided to get benefit lemon aid as i love benefit cosmetics & their witty labeling.

see here.. (excuse the bare face, clumsy eyebrows & lack of lid space)

these are UNBLENDED pigments
i didnt use anything except benefit lemon aid on the "clouded" eye,
the other lid is without any primer.
used the sometimes powdery dollface 88 palette. this is matte as i love matte shadows.
matte = solid colors

notice that some pigments have already fallen off from the lid without lemon aid?

i find that lemon aid "hugs" the pigments allowing it to properly get concentrated on the area where you slapped it on, hence lesser fall offs

removes easily with jojoba oil and a wad of cotton too :D

not so fast! benefit lemon aid also creases big time. within an hour of putting it on! so a lid primer is still needed.

yea i know.. all of a sudden most of you who placed a mental note to get their hands on benefit lemon aid asap decides to throw off the idea within minutes.

pretty reasonable. who wants an extra step in their already tedious eye makeup routine anyway? i dont mind though. still sticking with my lemon aid and find a lid primer or some other way to prevent creasing as im much much much in love with rich colors than i hate creasing.

p.s. udpp eden cant replace lemon aid, google a comparison and you'll know. so any idea what primer i should partner with lemon aid?

be glorious,


liloo said...

Yeahhh really creativ, love it ;)

Lily nail said...

nice make up !!
i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want !!

Vivarjitha said...

wow...they look damn cute!!!!

Arabian eyes said...

hey i think two faced shadow insurance is the best primer ive ever used. In all my make up photos thats all i use and the colours just come out amazingly! ive never tried lemon aid but the name is brill

-AnGiEpInK- said...

oh my..gorgeous look..rainbow..colourful..=)..very creative hun..

Cynthia Z said...

This looks so fun! :D Cool demo.
Lemon aid seems to do the job pretty well


maki said...

thanks girls.
@nada, i really am thinking a lot about tfsi. only some girls here in manila are saying it creases. must be our too humid climate that makes it crease while in the uk and other cold countries it remains great.. but knowing that you are recommending that is certainly plus points.

maki said...

@cynthia, yes it really intensifies the color. wish it would stop creasing.

Sovina said...

lovely colors..looks super cool :)


The Beautifier said...

I am loving the vibrant rainbow eye makeup! Lemon aid has really made the eye shadows pop :))

☆Anastacia☆ said...

wow! what a rainbow colors! sooo bright! cool!

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