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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

just acquired

maybelline 2-in-1 impact shadow liner (Php359) which i got from sm department store

the maybelline eyeliner is silky white (ignore the lipstick swatch, i know it's a lovely coral shade!)

maybelline long extreme double stretch (Php 599) which i got from sm department store. i saw this on camille's (little beauty bag) lashes and swore to get it asap. thanks sis!

ever bilena dual ended brushes. these are disposable brushes that has a pointed tip in one end and a sponge tip on the other end..it is about 3 inches short by the way so if you want longer handles it's not for you. got it for Php 48 per 3 pieces at watson's.

i have already used the sponge end of ever bilena dual ended brushes but i thought i ought to show them still. these are disposables i repeat and probably useful to some ouf our makeup artist friends

this is the marionnaud brush that donna of my lucid intervals likes.. cant pass it up for Php89.75. been wanting a pencil brush and i hope it will be useful. havent even washed it though so i cant say anything more

from the suesh studio i got this smudge brush (Php 300) and eyeliner brush (Php 250). i like that the ferrule is black. plus the eyeliner brush looks promising compared to the eyeliner brush that usually comes with the set.

and my blush 15pc brush set (Php1,600). also from suesh, they describe it as a brush set for makeup artists on a budget. im not a mua but im definitely on a budget and so i decided to get this set. i know there've been reviews about how the face brushes arent dense enough but i particularly got it for the eyebrushes. & besides, for 1,600 pesos can i really complain? haha. i used my sister's belle du jour 10% off coupon and only had to pay php 1,440. sweet!

here are the eyebrushes.. extra large eyeshadow brush, large eyeshadow brush, medium eyeshadow brush, small eyeshadow brush and extra small eyeshadow brush.. i like the extra small eyeshadow brush particularly.

see that they have tapered bristles? in my opinion it will make it easier for me to slap on the color on my lids with these tapered bristles. i dont know how they will perform though for picking up pigments..

and here are the angled browliner brush, bullet brush, mascara brush, angled contour brush and eyeliner brush. just from the picture you can already see that i wont be using the eyeliner brush, it's too flimsy and the ends are not pointed enough. the angled contour brush however looks beautiful with a flat plane.

here's the lip brush and i love the fact that it has a lid

the fan brush

and the face brushes..

that's all for now. i shall be washing these new brushes and be giving some initial thoughts on them in a few weeks time.

be glorious,


Vivarjitha said...

ah...just one word....cute...!!!!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

when i first went sa suesh i was supposed to buy the blush brush set,kasi i was on a budget hehe,buti nalang kasama ko husband ko nalambing hehe.XO

sugar sugar said...

Wonderful purchases! :) I also picked up the pointed eyeshadow brush yesterday from Marionnaud yesterday. ^_^

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

i want to purchase that pointed brush from marionnaud.. =)

Dolce♥Bunny said...

that is a good load of brushes!
I hardly own any so this is just awesome!

Ki said...

Lovely brushes!!! :)

Is your skin better now?

maki said...

@vivarjitha, thanks sister!

@camille, im getting the 28-pc set if as soon as im more confident in using the 15pc blush :D right now sayang pera ndi naman ako magaling pa.

@sugar, havent used mine till now

@khymm, im sure it's in watson's over there too!

@dolce bunny, these brushes are all so inexpensive so im very happy to chance upon them'

@ki, the blotch has faded.. happy happy, thanks for asking girl

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