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Thursday, December 24, 2009

in FOCUS: some skinfood scents

lemme share my thoughts on some SKINFOOD SCENTS

cactus agave - i got as a freebie a toner and emulsion.. smells like an herbal clarifying shampoo. i like it a lot. the scent.

gold caviar - i got as a freebie a toner. smells like men's cologne, un typical bench/penshoppe brand cologne. i dont like the scent pang lalake e.

peach sake - my bb cream. smells like a typical kiddie cologne. mediocre.

orange and mint - i got as a freebie a body wash. nightmare. smelled like halls candy and it made me sweat right after showering.

i must say, w skinfood i aint really expecting a lot from its skincare line. but im kinda excited about its scent. after all, who among us dont swoon over at least a single BBW or VS or other american brands that use fruity/food scent in their skincare/haircare/cosmetics line?

but the not-so-special fragrance that skinfood put on their products aren't impressive at all.

i feel sad. and to think i's interested using their different product lines to give my olfactory senses a treat..

be glorious,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rouge on lips

look at how nyx cream rouge looks on my lips. i used hot pink

and look at the damage i did on the pan.

and no. it didnt happen when i used the cream on my lips. it happened when i first dipped my finger onto the pan to test the cream blusher. didn't know it was that rich. haha.

why don't you try some cream rouges on your lips and show it to us?

be glorious,

just acquired

i got my korean makeup orders from the mail today!

lioele beyond the solution bb cream
skinfood peach sake bb cream in #1
ecorre bb cream samples

etude house pore smoothing peach base in mint (i wanted it in lavendar but this product has been discontinued and i guess these are the last ones that can still be bought so i settled for a different shade than i wanted)
etude house peach skin pact

included here in the all together photo is my etude house duo fibre brush
and the jessie and rosie double ended shadow pencil in bronze shades

these are all online buys as usual. the only pieces of makeup i get to buy in person are the old vmv stuff i have..

being a mom of 2 little girls, i have no time visiting the cosmetic counters cuz im too busy w the baby and children's section at the mall all the time. the SA's in the nearby malls are on the first-name basis wit my eldest can you imagine? lol.

what have you got lately sisses?

be glorious,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

my shake up muzik - MOULIN ROUGE

don't you feel inspired by the muzik while putting those blushes on?? i'm channeling the lil kim in me.. so lewd! i love it.

be glorious,

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Shades of U is giving away MAC BRUSH SETS


Great news for all of us!

These gorgeous babies are up for adoption:

The 2009 Holiday Magic, Mirth and Mischief brush sets: the Wave of a Wand Sweep and Define Brush Set. It contains the following special edition (SE) brushes:
129 SE Powder/Blush Brush
190 SE Foundation Brush
227 SE Large Fluff Brush
212 SE Flat Eye Definer Brush
275 SE Medium Angled Shading Brush

And the MAC Holiday 2008 Adoring Carmine Face Brush Set which has:
187 SE Duo Fiber Stippling Brush
190 SE Foundation Brush
168 SE Contour Angled Brush
194 SE Concealer Brush

If you are a subscriber of TheShadesOfU, then fill out the form on her page and get a chance to win one of these MAC brush sets.

If you aint a subscriber sissy, i suggest you be a subscriber now. haha.

This is exciting!

be glorious,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

i love nyx

i just got a few nyx items today....

jumbo pencils in cottage cheese and oyster

cream rouges in hot pink and natural

i tried the hot pink cream blush first. when i dipped my finger on the pan, OMG.. it's so rich and creamy and i think i picked far too much cream.. i tried putting it on my right cheek and it took me a while to blend it because i had too much of the stuff on my fingers.. i thought cream blushes would be easier to apply than powder blushes for a newbie like me..i's wrong. but i think i'm sticking to these cream rouges because when properly done (and painstakingly for me that is), it looks so natural on the face.. i love the effect. these rouges are super pigmented and the pans are actually big it definitely will go a long way!

i didn't bother to try on the cream blush in natural cuz i's afraid i might accidentally pick up too much of the stuff again (it's so hard to washoff)

then i tried the jumbo pencils. they're super creamy and very blendable.. the first thing that came to my mind after i swatched it at the back of my hand is - "i gotta place more orders with sis sol before the next order deadline" haha.. i love it!

tried it on my eyes though but of course it's harder to apply on the lids. I NEED A PRIMER!

i'm so happy to have discovered nyx! all i need now it to come up with is a technique on how to apply the rouges properly.. tips anyone?

Friday, December 11, 2009

waaaah! my face!

OH.MY.GOD. is all i can say when i say my face this afternoon. sleepless nights are finally taking its toll and my face is screaming for attention.

let me tell you that because i'm breastfeeding my 2 month old daughter (and of course since i found out i's preggy back in february) i decided to stop my face regimen altogether - vmv hypoallergenics - illuminants and glykeros combination. vmv says it's not for pregnant women and nursing mommies too so i followed them and thought i'd go back after nursing my child..

today though, i looked at my face in the mirror under natural light and OH.MY.GOD. i notice pores on my cheeks are big and my face generally looks so tired. for someone who's pride is her youthful face (waha) i felt like i lost my weapon. now im thinking of a way to go back to my regimen and still make it safe for my nursing baby.

glykeros's active ingredient is glycolic acid and kinetin growth factor, while illuminant's is kojic acid, melfade and gigawhite (of 7 alpine plants). i've been doing a lot of reading even before i went on my glykeros/illuminants regimen and in my own discretion, it's only kojic acid that i'm not really comfortable about..

so i'm thinking to take away illuminant's primary/advance formula altogether, stick with glykeros's primary/advance formula instead and just use illuminant's toning essence which only has gigawhite and no kojic acid. yes that's what i'm gonna do.

just let me find time to do this all. haha. soooo busy even putting on face moisturizers is a big deal now!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

benefit cosmetics

i's so lemming for benefit high beam eversince i read about it and im so happy to have finally got it from an online seller. im just worried it's a fake cuz its print on the bottle is lopsided. however my seller claims that she gets her stock straight from her aunt working w benefit SF. i guess i just better give her the benefit of the doubt.

tried high beam by the way and... it didnt show on my cheekbones much. or maybe it's the light. i's so in a hurry i only applied and run off without much looking at the mirror. i let my sis use it and she put it on her browbones. it really did make her browbones glow.

got coralista too. haven't tried it though. soon posting a review once i've tried it properly.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

edited-my review on some of these korean cosmetics

VOV Ball on Cheek.

doesn't give much blush. it only gives a very subtle glow on the cheeks. but since i prefer a subtle made-up look, it's fine w me. i dont like the scent. reminds me of mouldy old-fashioned perfume.

Missha Shiny BB Cream.

i think the seller didn't give me the lightest shade i asked for. i don't like the scent. again, it reeks of old-fashioned perfume. i wanted the dewy look, but heck, this one made my skin oily in an hour's time. i's wearing this when i had some photos taken at a studio, i believe it made my skin dull and mature. my complexion is bright w/out a bb cream in the first place.

Missha Shimmering Oven Blusher.

haven't used this yet...

Missha Magic Cheek Brush.

it doesn't pick up the way i need it to.

Missha Show Powder Blusher.

now this one's a surprise. i didn't really expect much from this, but hey i love the way it gives me a natural-looking blush.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my first venture away from VMV

i just realized recently that i need to start wearing makeup. my face is still smooth and wrinkle-free and i look relatively younger than those women my age, but i wanna enhance my looks now that i'm a mommy of 2.

anyways, here are the things i decided to get. mind you, i got a vmv foundation and blusher few weeks back but i still cant see "vmv makeup" as real makeups. yea they do the job beautifully BUT the selection is very small and i think vmv's makeup line is still more of a skincare hidden on a makeup. which i have nothing against of course! but i wanted to experiment with colors and such sooo.. what do a girl who wants to try something new do? go to girltalk haha. endless feedbacks, useful and not are there. that's what i did. and these are my initial buys:

a dior travel studio palette.

since i can't even go to the convenience store next block, my chances of venturing out of the house to go cosmetics shopping is nonexistent. i wanted to get those MAC, NARS and Shiseido things that really look great (from what i see on the other girls' stash) but for now, AND to practice, i think i'll make do with this dior.

shu uemura eyelash curler. the regular-sized one.

seems the whole cosmetic industry is at awe with this one. so i got it. i noticed that while my lashes are still thick, it's not so long and curled as it used to be in my younger days. so i'm counting on shu to get a quick fix (especially as i'm unsure if wearing a mascara a lot of times will be OK with me since i cant take away wearing contact lenses)

shu uemura cleansing oil. the premium gold one in the middle.

uhmm.. i'm just going with the flow. everyone seems to have a good experience with the shu cleansers. haha. no honestly, since i'm getting serious with this makeup thing, i better have a good cleanser especially for the mascaras and such that i might soon be wearing regularly. and while vmv makeup i honestly don't even bother to wash it off on my lazy days (i've worn vmv makeup 3times and 3times i slept overnight on it haha) i'm confident not to develop allergies or cause allergies to my daughter, i can't be sure with other products.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

cosmetic surgery crazy

here are the list of the things i wanna get done:

1. boob job - just to fix it. either a breast lift or a breast augmentation. mahal nga lang ang breastlift. way more expensive than palakihan ko na lang un kabilang boob ko para magpantay ng size. i dont wanna get a breast reduction surgery naman baka magalaw ang milk ducts ko. gusto ko pa magbreastfeed sa lahat ng magiging anak ko. (as if plan ko pa mag-anak w my 2 girls lol) seriously why not. mahirap na magsisi.

2. blepharoplasty - probably the one i can get done the soonest. cheapest kasi. gusto ko lang patanggal eyebags ko. i think di na kakayanin ng eye cream (or baka wala lang akong patience? malamang)

3. nose job - probably the hardest for me to go through although the one i needed the most. haha. i have a small nose. it's practically nonexistent in my partner's opinion. heller his nose is THERE. in our clan, there is always 1 member of the family who is pango. in my family it's me. my other cousins who are pango kamukha ko tuloy in a way. haha. i dont know if i should have a nose job. it's my identity kasi my nose. on the otherhand, it might improve my looks. i think i may have it when im 40. when i really need an improvement and when im really ready to show the world a new me. right now i just might not be brave enough. baka sarili ko hindi ko makilala. haha.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

cosmetic surgery

browsing through some clinic websites.

i need to get a boob job. my left breast is now 1 cup size bigger than my right.

i wonder whether i should get it in thailand or in manila...