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Saturday, September 26, 2009

edited-my review on some of these korean cosmetics

VOV Ball on Cheek.

doesn't give much blush. it only gives a very subtle glow on the cheeks. but since i prefer a subtle made-up look, it's fine w me. i dont like the scent. reminds me of mouldy old-fashioned perfume.

Missha Shiny BB Cream.

i think the seller didn't give me the lightest shade i asked for. i don't like the scent. again, it reeks of old-fashioned perfume. i wanted the dewy look, but heck, this one made my skin oily in an hour's time. i's wearing this when i had some photos taken at a studio, i believe it made my skin dull and mature. my complexion is bright w/out a bb cream in the first place.

Missha Shimmering Oven Blusher.

haven't used this yet...

Missha Magic Cheek Brush.

it doesn't pick up the way i need it to.

Missha Show Powder Blusher.

now this one's a surprise. i didn't really expect much from this, but hey i love the way it gives me a natural-looking blush.


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