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Thursday, December 24, 2009

in FOCUS: some skinfood scents

lemme share my thoughts on some SKINFOOD SCENTS

cactus agave - i got as a freebie a toner and emulsion.. smells like an herbal clarifying shampoo. i like it a lot. the scent.

gold caviar - i got as a freebie a toner. smells like men's cologne, un typical bench/penshoppe brand cologne. i dont like the scent pang lalake e.

peach sake - my bb cream. smells like a typical kiddie cologne. mediocre.

orange and mint - i got as a freebie a body wash. nightmare. smelled like halls candy and it made me sweat right after showering.

i must say, w skinfood i aint really expecting a lot from its skincare line. but im kinda excited about its scent. after all, who among us dont swoon over at least a single BBW or VS or other american brands that use fruity/food scent in their skincare/haircare/cosmetics line?

but the not-so-special fragrance that skinfood put on their products aren't impressive at all.

i feel sad. and to think i's interested using their different product lines to give my olfactory senses a treat..

be glorious,


Cynthia Zacharica. said...

Hi thanks for following...was gonna visit before but there's no link to yr blog.
I just love some Skin Food stuff ^.^ but I find some of their products r quite overpriced.

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