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Sunday, December 13, 2009

i love nyx

i just got a few nyx items today....

jumbo pencils in cottage cheese and oyster

cream rouges in hot pink and natural

i tried the hot pink cream blush first. when i dipped my finger on the pan, OMG.. it's so rich and creamy and i think i picked far too much cream.. i tried putting it on my right cheek and it took me a while to blend it because i had too much of the stuff on my fingers.. i thought cream blushes would be easier to apply than powder blushes for a newbie like me..i's wrong. but i think i'm sticking to these cream rouges because when properly done (and painstakingly for me that is), it looks so natural on the face.. i love the effect. these rouges are super pigmented and the pans are actually big it definitely will go a long way!

i didn't bother to try on the cream blush in natural cuz i's afraid i might accidentally pick up too much of the stuff again (it's so hard to washoff)

then i tried the jumbo pencils. they're super creamy and very blendable.. the first thing that came to my mind after i swatched it at the back of my hand is - "i gotta place more orders with sis sol before the next order deadline" haha.. i love it!

tried it on my eyes though but of course it's harder to apply on the lids. I NEED A PRIMER!

i'm so happy to have discovered nyx! all i need now it to come up with is a technique on how to apply the rouges properly.. tips anyone?


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