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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rouge on lips

look at how nyx cream rouge looks on my lips. i used hot pink

and look at the damage i did on the pan.

and no. it didnt happen when i used the cream on my lips. it happened when i first dipped my finger onto the pan to test the cream blusher. didn't know it was that rich. haha.

why don't you try some cream rouges on your lips and show it to us?

be glorious,


lelila said...

wow nice sis! bagay on your lips! nice experiment!

donnarence said...

whoa!! ito ba yung pink????? i want one... parang hindi ko na ata maantay if i order pa sa us..

BabyJap,RN said...

re: 3rd pic, same booboo here, thought it has the same balm-ish consistency as the other shades, kaya i applied too much pressure when i dipped my finger in it.. hehe! :P

Khymm said...

gusto ko yung pagka-pink nya! =)

R said...

@ kymm seductive pink ano. lol.
@donna sis sol /lelila meron pa yatang available na hotpink

R said...

@lel creamy sya sa lips kaya ok. haha.

@ baby i felt bad nga at first dahil sabi ko sayang but when i realized kung gano sya kapigmented ok lang there's still a lot of it left for years haha

Crissy said...

I can relate! The same thing happened to my Stila Convertible Color compact :) Hot Pink looks nice on your lips :)

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