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Monday, May 31, 2010

cosmetic fix: salvage your dried gel and cream liners

a few months back when i bought my first gel liners from dollface, i know that the time will come and they will dry up.
there are plenty of advice i have read that gel liners must be stored in a glass jar for longer shelf life, they must be tightly capped all the time too.
i have tried my best to always have the dollface glass jars capped and i must say that my turqoise and black liners have remained creamy.
sadly though, my favourite blue liner have gone powdery and it started tugging when im applying it.

from the picture, you can see that it has solidified and gone pasty.

i wasnt that alarmed though cuz when i blogged about these same gel liners when i got them, the beautiful sonali gave me an advice right there that if ever they dried up, all i have to do is put a drop of glycerin to make them good as new. and sonali girl, am i glad i kept a mental note of your advice.
cuz sure enough, in a few months, i needed that drop of glycerin.
well didnt know at first i can easily get it from a neighborhood drugstore. (im in the philippines but im sure you sisters can find it easily in your drugstores too :D)but here..

got it from south star drug cheaply at Php31.50 (saw this in mercury drugstore too, but who wants to waste time in the lines right?)

so i used two drops of glycerine (not sure why i used 2 drops and not a drop honestly, lol. i just thought that maybe a drop wont be enough.. here i am again getting excessive)
and i mixed it using a brush butt aka a craft brush handle

you can see it's a bit "wet-looking" isnt it? tried to press the gel into a nice shape but failed.. see the mess i made on my fingers and on the gel? well, it still looks that way and will remain so. im just glad it has indeed gone creamy and when i glided it, it went on smoothly than even before i first got it :D

now the big question.. and the most important of all is..
did the staying power of the gel remain so or did it turn smudgy because of the added ingredient?
and my happy answer is..
it did not get smudgy and the staying power of my dollface gel liner, mixed with 2 drops of glycerin remained fantastic.
see my fotd before this post? it was the "fixed" gel liner that i used for that fotd. manila's heat + too much arcading + sweating and the gel liner has remained in place :D
there.. i hope i had been of some help. you have dried up gel and cream liners? go ahead and fix it!

p.s. my daughters' ayah is gone. boohoo. will be busy in the next few days and might not be able to go online as much as i'd like to. i'll miss you all!

be glorious,


maki said...

something wrong w my editor. keep trying to correct the font size for the nth time but it wont budge. sorry :(

Bec said...

Nice info. I also know that you can use eyedrops (Visine/Eye Mo) so salvage dried out gel liners :)


liloo said...

this is a great info Maki! I have this with my blactrack, so I'll put some glycerine into it ;)

sugar sugar said...

Thanks for sharing this great tip, Maki! I'm definitely gonna buy a bottle of glycerin just in case my gel liners get dry ahaha!

Vivarjitha said...

that's a gr8 tip...cud be useful for my dance make-up!!!

Pammy said...

Thanks for the tip, Maki. I'll keep a mental note of the glycerin thingie. :P

bollywoodstylediaries said...

this is a neat trick..i do have glycerin a home..what about dried nail polish?? some of my fav shades have dried up and are no longer available:-(

maki said...

glad to be of help to you sisters :D

maki said...

@vivarjitha, i think for dried nail polishes, you can put a thinner

The Beautifier said...

Hey! I am glad you followed my advise & liked it too:) and thanks for mentioning my name in your blog :)) xoxo

maki said...

you're welcome! big help sis!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Awesome Tip!!
Thank you!!

maki said...

:) welcome

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