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Monday, May 3, 2010

in FOCUS: pantene 3-minute miracle treatment (younger hair!!!)

so i just recently acquired pantene 3-minute miracle treatment and i have used it once. got it for Php 299 (8 usd) for a box of 3 tubes from sm supermarket.

i must say i just got it randomly cuz i remember seeing it from a tv ad once. i thought to give it a try for my dry hair brought about by my most recent hair color and highlights. i did get loreal powerdose treatment from a salon recently, but i find that powerdose never really helped much when it comes to my damaged hair.

when i used pantene 3-minute miracle treatment, im honestly clueless whether to use it dry on its own or wet like a conditioner. never saw any detailed instructions on the box except to leave it on my hair for 3 minutes (isnt it obvious?) and to use it once a week (or as often as desired!?!) yea. another case of the manufacturer assuming their consumers will figure out how best to use their product. well, probably it's ok to use either way, i however prefer a personal, educated instructions and descriptions about the products i buy it makes me feel the sincerity of its manufacturer that they really want their product to help me, instead of me just to buy the product. (VMV hypoallergenics i love you). but with most products that you can get from your drugstores or the supermarket, you're on your own.

going back, i used pantene 3-minute miracle treatment wet just cuz i remembered to use it after i already put shampoo on my hair :P

i first squeezed (or squoze according to the sweet potato queens - love them!) the extra water from my hair after i rinsed my shampoo. then i applied pantene. it felt just like a regular conditioner.. plenty of conditioner since i used the whole tube for my shoulder-length hair (am i supposed to do that?) i must say, i dont fancy the hard plastic tube. i had to put a lot of effort in squeezing out all of the product so i dont waste any. halfway through the process, im thinking "omg! did i just used this much conditioner on my straight hair?" and felt a little remorse that maybe im just actually using an overpriced conditioner. started worrying too that it will make my hair limp and flat. anyways since there's just no going back, i rinsed it the usual manner and just made a mental note to check my hair when it dries.

busy the whole day and forgot to really take a close look at my hair until very late at night when i's doing my vmv regimen. i pleasantly noticed my hair looks kinda like it was 3 years ago and not until the following day did i realize it must be pantene's effect cuz it's looking like that consistently (yep until now, day 3! will any conditioner do that?) im bulleting now as we're on the real reason why you're still reading this entry:

good things about pantene 3-minute miracle:
- contrary to making my hair limp, it actually added volume to my hair. beautiful volume and not bushy at all like some other volumizing products would do! a happy happy thing for someone who's got very straight hair
- it really did moisturize my hair without making me feel icky because of oiliness. not as much as i'd like, but it's definitely here, 3 days after i treated
- it's 299 pesos for 3 tubes or about 100 pesos per treatment. that's 400 pesos a month against loreal's powerdose of about 1,000 pesos for a monthly treatment. and it's even better than loreal's powerdose too (in my case at least)
- you can do it at-home and it only takes 3-minutes
- easily available. who doesn't have an sm near their place?

it sucks though that:
- like i said you can't get much advice from the box or the tube
- hard to squeeze out the whole thing from its tube

and that's about it..why don't you give it a try girls! it's definitely something i'd buy again :)

be glorious,


liloo said...

Hi sweety, I just discovered your blog and you are a gold mine waouuuu, very interesting :)
I'll follow you and participate for sure ;)
Thx for sharing this review xoxo

maki said...

thanks girlfriend. following you back so we can share fab reviews

Golden said...

I haven't tried this yet. For one-minute hair treatment, I've only tried Opal and I love how it makes my hair smoother. It's even cheaper. One tube costs about PHP140.00 and one tube lasts on my long thick hair for one and a half month. :)

Lots of love,

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