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Friday, May 21, 2010

in FOCUS: jojoba oil as eye makeup remover (raccoon eyes and heavy eyes no more)

so i have purchased these essential oils a few weeks back and i initially intended to use the jojoba oil as a body oil as it promises to make the skin supple for even upto 24 hours after the application.
due to the p.i.a. heat in manila though i just feel too lazy to use oil for my whole body and just put on sunblock lotion whenever i go out.
of course the jojoba oil wont go to waste. as i read on the bottle, time travel products (where i purchased my jojoba oil) says it is THE BEST makeup remover. and so i thought my "almost best" is shu uemura cleansing oil premium a/i, cuz of its ability to takeoff my vmv skin savvy 60,-however i call shu uemura cleansing "almost best" for a reason-it failed to takeoff my diorshow mascara. so having found out jojoba oil can be a powerful eye makeup remover gave me hope. i made a mental note to try it asap.
the happy thing is: it didnt fail me. while shu uemura cleansing may be able to takeoff my eyeshadows and other such eyeliners, it makes my lids heavy and sleepy after using it (yea, even after rinsing thoroughly thoroughly..). jojoba oil didnt do that. it removed my eye makeup easily and while it might feel oilier than shu uemura cleansing oil, it didnt leave any residue on my eyes and didnt turned my lids heavy as well.
here are the photos so you can see for yourself.

used dollface and stila gel liners
missha oven blusher as highlighter

used about 5 drops of jojoba oil on the cotton and it easily removed the gel liners

see? nothing!

more deets:
also tried emu oil as eye makeup remover and contrary to most raves, it didnt work as great as jojoba oil. also tried jojoba oil as foundation remover and no it wasnt as effective as shu uemura cleansing oil. so this jojoba oil is really meant to be EYE MAKEUP REMOVER!

i hope my review had been of some help!

p.s. notice my lashes? rather thick but short :P bleh

these are my daughter's lashes. yes. im bragging :P and yes she got it from her papa!

be glorious,


The Beautifier said...

Ohhh I must try the Jojoba oil as an eye makeup remover, thanks for sharing this hun! xoxo

Mrunmayee said...

Hey great tips...

I also find Almond oil and olive oil to be equally effective...

Your daughter is sooooo cute....

~tHiAmErE~ said...


i used to use a jojoba conditioner & it really made my hair soft..i was thinking of buying jojoba oil again & after this i know that i have to buy it!

i have read it somewhere that 3 oils that can be used as make-up remover can also condition the lashes..which are castor oil, olive oil & almond oil..

i abhor castor oil because everytime i wake up it would make my vision cloudy.

Leah ♥ said...

I have to get me some of this! Im in dire need of a good makeup remover. Can you use this w/ contact lens? Youre daughter has gorgeous eyes btw.

Glad I found your blog, Im following you now :)

Carrie said...

this is so great:D i think i should try it.
and your daughter's eyelashes are so long. i'm jealous!

i am now a new follower. follow me too?

maki said...

@SONALI, it's a must try. got it from ebay uk :)

@MRUNMAYEE, thanks!

@THIA, shu cleansing oil makes my vision cloudy too. jojoba doesnt :)

@LEAH, i wear contact lenses all the time too. it's ok w contacts. thanks about my daughter :)

@CARRIE, im jealous of my daughter too. following you back!

Sanna said...

That's great!

And I love that blue makeup !

jojoba oil hair loss said...

Jojoba oil is good for all types of hair especially hair that is dry or damaged, has split ends and is prone to breakage and tangling.

bioderma said...

The Bioderma H2O removes makeup very well and there is no oily residue that you get with the standard oil-based makeup removers.

Summer Velasco said...

Where did you buy the jojoba oil and rosehip oil??

ayshwariya said...

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