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Monday, May 24, 2010

just acquired

the face shop nail enamels (Php95 each), topcoat (Php 185) & nail polish remover (Php95)

my supply of pantene 3-minute miracle treament at Php300 at watson's

evian face sprays from pcx at Php410 for the biggest bottle & Php189 fore the smallest bottle

glycolic soaps at Php550 for 10 bars
sebamed sunblock lotion

p.s. i know, i know i'll give more in focus entries about my previous acquisitions.. :)

be glorious,



The Beautifier said...

Ohhh those are some really lovely products! I so wanna try the faceshop prooducts :)

liloo said...

Thx for sharing :)

maki said...

@sonali, the face shop polishes are long wearing. it has very limited shades though.
@liloo, im particularly crazy about evian :D

Mimi said...

wow, that pantene treatment looks good. :)

p.s. i am now a follower. visit and maybe follow my blog too? thanks!:D

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Never heard of glyolic soap!
What are they good for?

maki said...

@bunny, glycolic acid is an extremely useful anti-ageing ingredient in most cosmetics such as creams, lotions and soaps.
@mimi, the pantene treatment is very effective for my hair :D

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