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Sunday, May 2, 2010

just acquired

vmv hypoallergenics re-everything cleansing cream
got this for Php 800 (18usd) from sm department store
initial feedback:

i have used it 3 times and the first two times IT STUNG MY EYES! im so unhappy as i never expected something from vmv to do this. the third time i used it i just applied the cleansing cream from my cheeks below and didnt put any on my forehead and on the corners near my eyes for fear that it might sting again. i's successful in minimizing the product that would get near my eyes but it is a slow process as i gotta be careful that the water i use for rinsing isnt too much lest it will spread near my eye area.

pantene 3-minute treatment
got this for Php 299 (7usd) per box of 3 tubes from sm hypermarket
watch out for an in focus entry on this product

meanwhile, take a look at the card attached to the vmv re-everything cleansing cream

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that's all for now girls!

be glorious,

be glorious,R


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