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Saturday, May 22, 2010

out and about: manicure and pedicure at a local spa

last weekend my sis and i went out for a manicure and pedicure.
we decided to go to a spa instead of the regular nail salons cuz we want to relax and nail salon ambiance isnt exactly too relaxing as they have mostly cramped space.
we went to my spa. it's a local spa in the south of manila and i'm a member so i get to have 10percent discount on the service.

while my spa is not as chic as the spa, it's a definitely a step up from other spas around

i chose the face shop nail enamel in BL604 for both fingernails and toenails

they put on two coats of the said nail enamel plus a topcoat of the same brand.

paid only Php560 (or 12usd) for me and my sister's mani and pedi :) and the ambiance is great and relaxing (especially if there wont be other guests who wants their tv tuned on a sleazy show! and they want full volume too!)

p.s. if you're from the south of manila, we can totally bond here :)

be glorious,


liloo said...

Really nice, like it :)
How lucky you are ^^
Thx for sharing ;)

maki said...

thanks liloo. yes, going to the spa here isnt as expensive as in the u.s or europe :)

sugar sugar said...

Thanks for the comment and following my blog! I appreciate it! ^^

Love your nails!

maki said...

thanks sugar. i call my 1st born sugar btw :)

Anonymous said...

im planning to go to the philippines this december! i havnt been there since i was 3. i definetly want to try the spa!

maki said...

you'll go crrrazy with the spa choices here & prolly us philippine beauty bloggers can organize a get together for you! just let us know bunny :)

Carla said...

I love blue nail polish!!
thx for ur comment and following!!

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