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Friday, September 17, 2010

finally was able to try the cracking nail polish, a bargain find: comfy shoes

i first saw cracking nail polish via thiamere's blog and i was so amazed by it. the possibilities are enormous. too bad i cant seem to find it in the malls or shops in my area.
today however i was surprised to find it on my regular nail salon's rack of imported and local nail polishes!
before i went to the nail salon, i was already thinking a lot about combining baby blue with gold. however the only blue cracking enamel they have is of glittery dark blue so i really had no choice. good thing the gold underneath is uber sparkly.
check out..

the color combo is classy isnt it?

notice that the cracks though are inconsistent? some nails have more cracks than the others. i guess the brand isnt that good (somethin that has a BK logo, didnt see any other markings on the bottle sorry), or maybe the nail tech is new in using the cracking so she hasnt developed a technique yet..

i went on a shoe shopping spree the other day and bought shoes for my daughters, my mom and myself. got this red wedgy pumps for 400pesos (less than 10usd!). was 800pesos.

it is from artwork, a local brand and the only reason i even went there is cuz somebody told me he got some flipflops from there and i went "thought they only sell shirts? might as well check when i pass by the shop". when i got there, this pair immediately caught my attention. they are so comfy!

im determined to lose weight so instead of tuna salad for evening snack, im having grapes. wish me luck!

this is where i's resting my hand when i's showing off the notd. my tania's play table that i recently got. cute eh?

be glorious,


Sharmada Nagarajan said...

nice....the disney thing is cute:-)

Vix said...

Very classy, my dear! I love it adn good luck with the diet. xxx

bollywoodstylediaries said...

love the nail polish!! good luck with ur diet..

anamika said...

Hi Maki,

wow cracked nail polish.. i wish it could be launched in India soon..

love the table and the way you have clicked the shoes ;)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Yes very cute play table. And your nails are very cool.

Anastacia said...

your cracking nail polish looks awesome!

♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

The nail polish is lovely and the shoes do look super comfy :)

***luck*** with loosing weight.....I need to loose weight too!


Kasia W. said...

great nail color!


♥Bunny♥ said...

wow~ they look gorgeous!
Definitely they look classy!

gingerSnap said...

hello Maki,
like the baby color polish and your pretty shoes as well.

frumpy no more said...

hi i hope you can add me up :)

Unknown said...

nice blog Fashion Central

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the crackle nail colour? p.s i live in Khi

mineral lipstick said...

I am sure it is great to explore into make up and dressing and remain happy.Nicely done up nails with the cracked effect and of course nothing like comfortable shoes.

Lily said...

nice , very nice ideas and design, its my hobby to do so,

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