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Friday, March 19, 2010

in FOCUS: etude house plumping lip tint in red

i recently got myself an ETUDE HOUSE PLUMPING LIP TINT IN RED and im sharing with you a review (and some lip porn too) of the product.

above is a photograph of my bare lips for reference

and below here are photos of my lips wearing the product
you may click on the photo to zoom in. it shows my lips just right after i applied the plumping lip tint upto the 5th minute after i applied it

on the above photo im showing my lips in different angles wearing the etude house plumping lip tint in red..yes it says red but you cant see red in there can you? more of a wonderful shade of pink that can totally flatter any lips..
i've been using it almost daily since i got it and..here's what i reckon:

plus points are:
the shade aint off..even if at first you'll be surprised(hey i bought red, and it is red from the bottle but why isnt my lips red? but hey! looks good! it IS great!)
it actually moisturized my lips without making it icky sticky, can work as a great base for drying lippies
it can convert your matte lipstick into a satin-finished lippie, just like it did on my nyx round lipstick in snow white (or maybe just add shine to your lippies without the frost or shimmers)

but too bad that it:
didnt really plump my lips..i dont know with you people but that's what i see.. you be the judge cuz the reason why i took that much pictures is for all of us to see if it did really plump my lips or not..did it? or did it not? (not that my lips are too thin, i just wanted a little bit of help of course.. DO YOU THINK MY LIPS ARE TOO THIN??)
it did give a tiny bit of sting that can be expected from lip plumping products (the sting is comparable to when you eat mentos..yes that's about it) and may give an appearance of plumping action cuz it made your lips shiny, but to me i dont see real plumping action :)

so my overall take on the etude house plumping lip tint:
i still love it even if it's more of a lipstick base than a lip plumper. i think it will be a staple lip treat for me.

i hope my review helped you decide whether to get this product or not..

oh and by the way i also checked the pink variety of the plumping lip tint and it's a pale pink. if you're into pale pinks maybe you can try it and share a review to us?

be glorious,


K said...

I think it definitely plumped!! And you enabled me to purchase this one! I really thought this was scary red! Is it moisturizing?

The Beautifier said...

Thanks for the review girlie! This one looks nice on your lips! You already have nice full lips and this stuff has defo made them look more pouty xoxo

Anna said...

This really looks great on your lips. I want to buy and try this one. Haha. I love the results although the lip tint may not have plumped your lips the way you expect them to.

maki said...

@ k, yes it is moisturizing alright!

@sonali thanks for the compliment girl

@ anna exactly girl..im sure it will flatter your lips that way it did on mine!

Jing said...

wala ako nakita ganito nung pagpunta ko etude.
puro kulang nga.

well, its not red but it looks natural with a bit of shine on you. ganda nga eh.

maki said...

yea.. bagay sa lips mo jing!

Golden said...

It looks pretty on your lips. I love the shade (although it really wasn't that red). And dearie, you don't really have thin lips so don't worry too much about it :)

Lots of love,

maki said...

haha..thanks golden..aint red at all but still very pretty..surely it will good on you too :)

Kim said...

good information

Irin said...

hello :) i just want to ask, does it last long?

Icha said...

Wow, your lips look sexy.

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