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Saturday, March 20, 2010

lipsticks in FOCUS: maybelline color sensational, maybelline mineral power, styli-style l3 timeless

i have recently posted some lipstick acquisitions and im sharing with you lipstick swatches and reviews today.

im talking about styli-style timeless lipstick, maybelline color sensational and maybelline mineral power lipstick

for reference, above is my bare lips..

and here's my lips with styli-style l3 timeless lipstick..
i have previously called this particular shade "fuschia pink", but to be more precise, they call it UNITY

bulleted details about it:
the shade is much much sharper in person than my camera was able to capture
it is non-drying
it smudges
color pay-off is good but staying power is not, like i said, it smudges
no i won't get another shade thank you very much..

moving on..

above is my lips with maybelline color sensational in pink petal
thanks to our good sister donna's timely review.. i's actually on the hunt for a pink lippie and found out how good maybelline color sensational is so i immediately bought this one in ebay..

here are the bulleted details on maybelline color sensational:
the shade i picked (pink petal) is an mlbb, you can see that it has a satin finish too
yes it is non drying
it doesnt smudge too
color pay-off is wonderful
staying power is good (when applied alone) and i bet it will stay better with a good base
doesn't transfer much when you drink or eat something while wearing the lipstick
YES im definitely looking to buy more shades!

and lastly..

you can see my lips wearing maybelline mineral power lipstick

this shade is called PINK PEARL and you can see a bit of a frost in the shade of pink that almost copied the shade of my pale lips..before i purchased this i researched about it via total beauty reviews (like i normally do with before i purchase beauty stuff) and it says that it's great for a lipstick newbie (which i totally am), i knew too that it has a poor staying power..

so here are bulleted points about it:
yes, like they all said in total beauty, STAYING POWER IS BAD
the shade is very natural with a bit of a frost
it is poorly pigmented, you gotta build it up baby
it smudges a bit
no, i won't repurchase other shades.. i maybe a lipstick newbie but im quickly getting a grip of how lippies should be

and there you have it.. hope this review helps..

and if you got some color sensational lippies of different shades there, please do share it to us!

thank you

be glorious,


The Beautifier said...

Thanks for the review hun, love the Maybelline colour sensational lipsticks, I agree, the colour payoff is very good xoxo

maki said...

you're welcome sonali.. love color sensational too :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for this review, i like maybelline mineral power lipstick,it really looks nice on your lips.

maki said...

thanks amanda :)

Cynthia Z said...

I want Maybelline Color Sensational so much! Pink Petal look so pretty on yr lips

Natalia said...

I like how you compare everything and take pictures!

maki said...

@natalija thanks!

@cynth, let us see more of color sensational on you too

Camille Santos said...

ganda ng timeless lipstick saka pink petal....

maki said...

oy bago name ni shobe lol..try mo sis!

Anonymous said...

i loved!!!

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