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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

just acquired + out and about at the spa

due to emotional and physical stress, i have been aiming to have an alone time maybe out of the country. i have been planning on going from the moment my little daughter turned 5 months, but she's 10 months now and i still havent gone. im honestly scared leaving my 2 kids behind even for just a few days (even if friends are telling me i deserve a break from everything to keep my sanity. yes! sanity.) now, i find myself still feeling too scared to leave and honestly thought maybe i should just go out of town to relax for a couple of days. guess what? still chickened of the idea with the kids not having mommy beside them at night. so i thought i'd just go for some retail therapy to unwind.

in the mall, i find another little problem. you see, we are staying for a few days in my mom's house in the city (plan is leaving the kids there while i go away for a few days but since i didnt leave im also here :P) and so i brought clothes enough for only 2 days so i will be forced to go shopping for new clothes. yes yes, for the longest time i have lost the desire to shop for clothes and i thought being stuck with nothing to wear i will be forced to buy. the little problem is, i still dont feel like shopping. nothing is enticing enough for me to even get inside a single boutique. i just decided straight away to go to the spa since from the bottom of my heart i know any solo travel is in my distant future. at least going to the spa will relax my tired self.

it is called THE SPA and i bought the volcanic rock massage.

of course i used the wet facilities first. this is the cold bath and beside it is the hot bath
had a steam bath too, unfortunately the sauna is still unavailable when i was there (it is available only for limited time due to safety reasons)

then lounged for a while drinking sri lankan tea while waiting for my service

the volcanic rock massage is an executive service at Php 1,500 (35 usd) and so i got my own room. it took 75 minutes and indeed relaxed my muscles.

the massage itself, before the use of the volcanic rocks are disappointingly mediocre and i thought i should have had shiatsu instead cuz they give the best shiatsu at the spa. when the masseuse started pressing the hot rocks to my body though, it went better. it was relaxing and i fell asleep. i think stroking massage always does that while those that use point pressure such as shiatsu always gives a feeling of more energy. i left the spa still feeling groggy but somewhat light-footed.

i looked around hoping to find clothes but nothing caught my fancy so i just bought an assortment of stuff. i was on the way to the face shop to get a nail polish base but to my delight i found a newly-opened accesorize. of course i had to check it out too.

so i got a nail polish base from the face shop Php 95 (2 usd) and a rice soap too Php 255 (5 usd)
and from accesorize a bunny mask for my daughter. it was on 70% off so i only had to shell out Php 69 (less than 2usd!)

lingerie as accesories? why not! these are also from accesorize and prized at Php 450 each (about 10 usd)

the best acquisition of all! ecotools? NO! it is a Naya brush set
(looks identical to ecotools doesnt it?)
and i got it for FREE

cuz i bought a pair of NAYA sandals by naturalizer, Php 5,990 (130 usd)
comfortable enough to be used while im carrying a baby (or two) around

i myself am wondering what is so special about the NAYA line, and found this description on the shoe box

and these pair of boots? on SALE at Php 2,295 (a little over 50usd) and since these are naturalizers, i will brave the mall with them soon

i still didnt have my holiday but at least i feel a lot more relaxed. after all, i have 2 new pairs of shoes to wear, just no clothes. haha.

images of the spa facilities are borrowed from The Spa website.

be glorious,


Vintage Vixen said...

Awww Maki, so sorry you're feeling down. Hope the spa session and the retail therapy was helpful. Love the new undies. Take care, sweetheart, Vix xxx

maki said...

thanks vix! i was so inspired by your animal print lingerie and so thought why not get some new inneresting stuff myself.

rys said...

ang ganda ng mga shoes :) i likey :)

oOchaOo said...

hi maki! i hope you're feeling better sis :) the volcanic rock massage sounds interesting!
my bf and i love love the swedish massage from the spa ^__^

love the haul too especially the undies ;)

regarding F21,the darker jeggings is around 700+ while the other one is 1K+ but less than 1500 (sorry i can't remeber the exact price :{ heehee)
i've read few negative comments about F21, well their price range is not really cheap-cheap especially the bags :( maybe some folks expected "bagsak presyo" price range :p ang dami din kasing items, not all are worth the price but there are items that are really pretty! :)
as for the quality issues, i didn't encounter any problems with my purchase :)

The Beautifier said...

Oh my! I really like those sandals and boots! and those brushes look like an exact copy of EcoTools brushes :o
Hope you are feeling better now, Maki! hugs xoxo

anamika said...

awesome ..I really liked the shoes, lingerie and brush set..life is all about this an dhavig fun..so just pamper yurself::)

Vivarjitha said...

heyy...hope u r having a gud time now...nice brushes and shoes!!!

Anastacia said...

Wow! You visited spa! it is so great! I wish I do too :P

J said...

On the brushes - I really believe that some products just come from one supplier and are just rebranded. Etude & The Body Shop brushes, check them out, they're identical too (if I remember correctly).

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