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Friday, January 29, 2010

and another annoying thing

found out about kevyn aucoin's book - making faces from khymm's post regarding contouring and i haven't finished the short post but i got so excited about the book. now that is a makeup manual, complete with colored illustrations and all.. i thought it wasnt available in the PI so i asked khymm about it but unfo she just borrowed it from a friend.. good thing i tried powerbooks.com.ph next.

can't visit the physical store as im uber-tied up what with 2 kids here and all.. so i ordered online and i found out about a newer book. it's called face forward. can't decide which to get (although i kinda am expecting the newer one to be a revised copy of the first one which usually happens when an author releases another book of the same interest), however there might be great stuff on the 2nd one that aint in the 1st one and vice versa. and these are books after all. i love books. so i got two.

here is what they look like

now i wanted to show you my actual copies but unfoooooooo powerbooks havent delivered it yet. that's how they are anyways. i ordered last saturday, they "approved" it monday night and today is a friday they didnt have the decency to at least inform me what's going on. i emailed them last night but nobody replied to me today. i finally called them and that's when i found out they're still checking the stock! what the hell?! yes powerbooks may have an online store but it's just for show. they don't have auto-approval of orders, or even online inventory. hmpf.

oh well i have no choice but wait for my orders to arrive!

i'm surely be gonna sharing tips from those books :D

the books by the way are Php 969 or about 20usd each. powerbooks charged me a hundred bucks or 2usd for the shipment.

be glorious,


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have tried looking for it at powerbooks too but to no avail

good thing that sis K, gave me a copy
nakahinga din ako ng maluwag!

hope you'll have a great weekend,sissy!

makeup shakeup said...

thanks girl! i'll bomb them pag wala silang binigay! chinarge na nila ako kaya!

Cynthia Zacharica. said...

I have both n they're both the best make-up books u'll ever find. Kevyn was a genius!

makeup shakeup said...

i still dont have my books :/ im really annoyed now..

cynthia you;re making me sooooo excited to get mine! :D

Sush said...

Kevyn is awesome! I have making faces, and I nejoyed it very much. I still read it once in a while when I get bored hehe. Enjoy!!

r alcantara said...

thanks for letting me know susH! i just got my copy yesterday :D

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