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Friday, January 29, 2010

now how ANNOYING can this be..

not that i buy fake perfumes.. i have very limited perfume collection.. i have only bulgari and d&g light blue but these days i only wear davidoff cool water anyways.. i have 3 big bottles as a backup :) and if somebody gives me perfume (like my auntie got me a dior addict the other day) i give it away to my sis usually..

but my sisses who'd sometimes get fake perfumes, knowingly or unknowingly (fake being that the faker copies the minutest detail including the bottle of the original perfume that is) will definitely be PISSED!

follow it here you sisses

be glorious,


K said...

haha i never buy fake perfumes. if im on a budget, i buy "testers" :) since i dont bring my perfumes everywhere naman.

another annoying thing is sellers trying hard to make their perfumes seem "original" to the point of twisting facts and what nots just to sell

makeup shakeup said...

eeky yan fake perfumes w urine. just so naasty

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