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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

our men wants us to wear less makeup

yea yea yea. i know about it.

ALL of them guys i've ever been with don't want me wearing makeup.

they said:
i don't need it. (ha! but i was in my 20's with a skin of a young girl! of course i look perfect without makeup on!)

apparently most men have the same idea.

Prepare To Be Stunned: Men Prefer When Women Don't Wear Too Much Makeup

be glorious,


The Beautifier said...

ya, even my bf says this to me but I dont care as I love playing with makeup and all things girlie!

Fifi said...

Most guys I know tell me they prefer girls with light makeup even none! So I'm not that surprised with this. but of course I will not ditch my makeup collection over it, makeup is too much fun :)

makeup shakeup said...

same here girls!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i agree!

what is it with men not wanting women to look pretty?!
i remember what sis Jing told me before "bakit ba hindi nila mainitindihan na kailangan natin gumanda?"

i love my make-up collection & im thankful that bf is beginning to be open about me doing things that makes me happy & support me & even requested me to do some look!

not close-minded!

ladychris17 ♥ said...

My bf also tells me that I don't need make-up, and at first he says that what I'm spending on these things isn't worthy. But he now understands, and even tells me the colors he likes on me and looks that make me look hot. :D

Deepika Sharma said...

Ofcourse mens don't need it. It had always been womens first choice and lifestyle .

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